World Hypnotism Day Jan 4th Ireland – Request A Speaker?

Book a Professional Hypnotist Guest Speaker for LOW COST or NO COST. Available for a limited time as a World Hypnotism Day Ireland promotion.

Are YOU Interested in learning about the benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy? 

When it comes to World Hypnotism Day, everyone needs to know how to connect with their subconscious.


  • What is World Hypnotism Day and why is it celebrated?
  • How can hypnosis and hypnotherapy benefit one’s mental and physical health?
  • Who can benefit from hypnosis and hypnotherapy?
  • What are some common misconceptions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy?
  • How is hypnosis and hypnotherapy practiced and what techniques are used?
  • Are the benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy supported by scientific research?
  • What are some potential risks or limitations of using hypnosis and hypnotherapy?
  • How can one find a qualified and reputable hypnotherapist?
  • Can hypnosis and hypnotherapy be used in conjunction with other forms of therapy or treatment?
  • What resources are available for those interested in learning more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

If you have a group of 10 OR MORE PARTICIPANTS who would like to be informed, engaged and entertained. Who are interested in learning more about World Hypnotism Day and the true benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. We may be able to provide a professional hypnotist hypnotherapist as a guest speaker.

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