World Hypnotism Day Jan 4th Ireland

World Hypnotism Day Jan 4th in Ireland

Over 20 international hypnosis organizations have joined together to bring World Hypnotism Day to those who are interested in learning about hypnosis. The purpose is to inform the public about the truth about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis.

On this day, hundreds and perhaps thousands of hypnotists and hypnotherapists around the world will be conducting talks and demonstrations. These professionals will inform the public about the uses of hypnosis. Events will take place in schools, colleges, radio stations, on television and even book stores. As the National Guild of Hypnotists Coordinator for Ireland, it is my goal to bring the information to interested parties in Ireland.

If you know a group or an organisation that would like to locate a speaker for this special day contact Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre.

We will work to find a qualified hypnotist / hypnotherapist that can give a professional presentation to your group, class or organization. If you are a certified hypnotist / hypnotherapist and would like to participate in World Hypnotism Day events, your event details will be posted on the World Hypnotism Day website.

For information about World Hypnotism Day events worldwide go to the main WHD Website at:

The following hypnosis audio sessions are made available FREE to the general public:
  • Lose Weight Now Hypnosis Session
  • Stop Smoking for good Hypnosis Session
  • Feel Younger and more Vibrant Hypnosis Session
  • The Deep Sound Sleep Hypnosis Session
Between the time that you register and World Hypnotism Day, those who log in will also receive FREE reports that reveal exactly how hypnosis works and how it can help people in many aspects of their life.

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