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The Real Truth About the Origin of World Hypnotism Day.

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World Hypnotism Day
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About World Hypnotism Day

The First World Hypnotism Day was held on January 4th 2005 at the instigation of Tom Nicoli. It proved to be one of the most impressive displays of professionalism and sharing of knowledge and skills by hypnotists around the world. Talks, interviews, workshops and articles were available around the world, all clearing the air and removing the myths and misconceptions of hypnotism while explaining the many benefits it brings. Free resources for the public can be found at

World Hypnotism Day Ireland

Cork City, Ireland – Saturday January 4th, 2025 the 21st Annual World Hypnotism Day will take place. With New Year resolutions facing us, the timing is perfect for World Hypnotism Day. Learn how to beat the Resolution Blues and succeed at your goals.

The popularity and the practical application of hypnotism increases daily as we have read and heard the headlines in Newsweek, Good Housekeeping, Canadian Living, Shape, O magazine and on popular syndicated television shows. Hypnosis is a technique through which the subconscious mind can be reached. It is an altered state of mind. Although some people have a fear of hypnosis, there is absolutely nothing mysterious or abnormal about it. The hypnotist does not possess any type of power or gift, but has learned how to give suggestions that the subconscious mind will accept and then act on those suggestions in a positive and constructive way. Trained hypnotists have helped thousands of people solve problems in their lives, achieve goals, overcome fears and improve personal skills.

Now It’s Time To Learn More About How Hypnotism Can Help You, Especially For Your New Years Resolutions.

Why Are So Many People Using Hypnosis Hypnotherapy?

Consulting Hypnotists Hypnotherapists Around The World Help Ordinary, Everyday People With Ordinary, Everyday Problems Using Individual Hypnotic Techniques.